COMBAT & CME Service

COMBAT Service

Our professional telecommunications constructors work both in-house and on-site to deliver superior construction, installation and maintenance for cellular sites supported by quality and coordinated service. We provideourcustomerswith efficientshippingrequirements andeasysiteimplementation.

Our engineering teams deliver each site with maximum effectiveness including:

  • Delivery and Installation of Combat
  • Dismantling, delivery and Re-installation of Combat
  • CME Service

    Ensuring the acquired land has permission in terms of ownership by investigating the documents legality and has been permitted by the community within a radius of tower and any permissions necessary to obtain a IMB hasbeendonecorrectlyandmeets theapplicablerules.

    Ensure that all civil activities within the project are well planned, coordinated and be able to utilize all available resources in directing and supervising all involved including site personneland subcontractors. Lead and ensure all work groups are properly guided in assembling and controlling the required resources (manpower, equipment, materials and tools required) to start and sustain the work efficiency and productivity untilthecompletion oftheproject. Inspect work in progress to ensure conformity with specifications and requirements, Industry Codes, Standards and Procedures, and providetechnicaladviceto resolveproblems. Determine and procure tools and materials to be delivered at specific times in order to conform to the workloads, plans and schedules.