Telecom Implementation

In the past, the rollout of cell sites was commercially contracted between an operator/owner and a mayor Telecommunications equipment vendor. In some project setups the operator/owner managed several sub-contractors by himself and rolled-out cell sites. By this opportunity TEMANS provide the solution to consistently deliver value to our clients through solutions and services that enable efficient services and consistencyofappropriatecapabilitiesand qualities.

The mission of TEMANS has been follow-up with focus on ourgoal.Thecompany willtherefore:

  • Understand the customer needs and problems, activelistening,positivethinking
  • Perform the promised service dependable and accurately
  • Provide the best quality, timely and cost-efficient rangeofservicesto ourcustomers
  • Commit to the responsibilities of enhancing professionalism
  • Continue develop service for implement new services and practices, thereby to enhancing our overall value to thecustomers
  • TI isa stand-aloneservice,meaning itcan be purchased independent of full project management (roll-out management). It typically entails the supply of traditional BTS installation and commissioning services but may also include, depending on the project’s scope of work, BTS or Network Elements implementation services and Radio Frequency and Transmission Network Planning.

    Project management under this scenario is limited to scheduling and managing the day-to-day activities of the implementation teams, ensuring the delivery of services and in accordance with customer specification, the creation and submission of relevant site documents, and the timely submission of change orders and customer invoices. Through this arrangement overall management of the project and customer interface resides with either the customer (supplier). At a minimum the following functional areasare addressed:

  • Purchaseorder / Changeordermanagement
  • Pre-installation Site Readiness Survey
  • Pick up equipment, Recondition and Deliver to site
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Commissioning and Integration
  • KPI / Quality Certificate
  • Milestone Reportingand Update
  • Cost Control
  • Acceptance
  • Progress Reporting