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To be the best customer service team

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Logistics Management

With our Service Network across more than 100 cities, we aim to be the most reliable Logistic Service Provider, Removal & Relocation, and Project Logistics Management Company in the market with an inspired, people-driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods. All goods are properly protected so that they can remain in our warehouse for as long as the customer deems necessary. TEMANS extensive warehousing and distribution system will pick, pack, store and distribute consignments anywhere in the region by efficient modes of transport.

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Freight Forwarding

To bridge the complex, competitive divide between the delivery of products, from source to enddestination, for quick sale thereof, Temans is an expert and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial matters, modes of transport, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to delivery destination.

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Trucking Logistics takes into account all the factors involved in the transportation of good by truck with the goal of maximizing Productivity and Efficiency. This may include planning the most efficient routes for truck driver, choosing the best kind of truck for the particular tasks and providing an excellent staff of truck drivers.


  • Trust

    A more than eight years of strong history and track record, We are proud to present of our excellent service. Our core belief of integrity, passion and trust are the key values underlying the strong partnerships we are enjoying with our customers and business partners. The commitment, professional expertise and responsible attitude to the environment of our entire team enable us to retain our customers‘ appreciation, trust and loyalty.

  • Excellent

    Service Excellent

    Clients base organization that ensure high level of responsive communication channel with dedicated person in charge for each client. Security is always of highest priority and we are proud of our record of accomplishment of our services.

    Operation Excellent

    Best practice standard of operational excellence that include Performance management system, Key Performance Indicators, Good Warehouse Practices and safety, health and environment standard. A team of experts. Resources who can think outside the traditional rules and find solutions. We handle the jobs other companies consider too difficult.

  • Manage

    Project Management

    End-to-end project management, down to the smallest details of your project move. Exceptional attention to all regulatory compliance issues, safe operations, and the protection of the environment.

    Team Management

    Committed and experienced team professionals. Our team had excellent experience to manage the cargo delivery via Sea, Air, and Land transportation. Having an individual skill and solid team work. With their team spirit, our employees create a pleasant working environment and constantly seek to improve their knowledge and their skills.

  • Achievement

    Consistently achieved a high level of customer satisfaction by exhibiting a positive attitude and building trust, by ensuring commitments are met and expectations are exceeded by offering additional information about the company’s products in line with customer needs and priorities.

  • Network

    Computer based information system that includes best practice and customized warehouse management system, transport management system and reliable partnership with shipping lines, Airlines Operators.

  • Solution

    We deliver a solution to meet with a depth knowledge of bringing the logistics solution. Maximize Fulfillment Service, Minimize Transportation Costs. If project requires pre-staging of product or equipment, cross docking or distribution/ consolidation, we have a vast network of warehousing facilities to handle the job.

Our Aim

Value to Our Customer by delivering innovation & excellent service

Mutually beneficial relationship with our strategic partners

Sustainable profit to our shareholders

Track Record of Our Success